Accomodating person

27-Feb-2020 10:36

One bite of triple-chocolate cake is okay, but an entire slice of it (let alone half the gateau) will make you nauseated.

It’s appreciated when people are nice to us, but we also need to be challenged.

That’s not healthy by any stretch of the imagination.

If you get involved with someone like this, chances are that you’ll have to deal with an emotion explosion at some point in the foreseeable future.

Such an ultra-smiley person can sometimes turn out to be a bunny boiler in disguise. Also known as martyr/victim complex, this is a syndrome that affects more people than you might realize, and is a ticking time bomb.

People with martyr complexes sacrifice their own happiness, health, and wellbeing to care for others, while breeding anger and resentment below the surface.

Being overly nice is also a form of manipulation; an attempt to get what you want by displaying unwarranted affection.

Basically, people are rarely what they claim to be, and those who maintain that they are a certain way are usually overcompensating for what they aren’t.

A lady doesn’t have to announce what she is; you can just tell by her behavior.

How many times must a child have put on a big smile and refrained from playing up in an attempt to negotiate a treat from an adult?

Heck, parents even encourage this behavior by bargaining with their children and giving them rewards for being good.We need people who will snark and be sarcastic bastards and have some semblance of a personality beyond that of an overly sugary custard.