Advice on dating thai women

12-Mar-2020 03:22

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Thai women are unique in comparison to other Asian women, especially if you’ve ever been to nearby countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, or the Philippines.

Truth be told, dating and marrying a Thai bride will more than likely be the best and happiest decision of your life – barring you make the right choices, follow some of these tips, and use discretion.

Besides, you don’t want to look like just another “run-of-the-mill” foreigner, do you?

Because if so, chances are you might be treated like one – and this isn’t always a desirable situation.

This is really important, so please listen closely, and do not – under any circumstances – start showing up to dates or taking your Thai girlfriend or fiancé out and about in public in a sleeveless white t-shirt, shorts, and sandals.

And while no, it’s not that you can’t be comfortable or “be yourself”, the reality is coming from a traditional culture that Thai women take great pride in their appearance, hygiene, and likewise expect their man too.

Just know when going out and about together, that culture is extremely important to Thais, as is reputation.

So, chances are if you have a drug or alcohol problem, things won’t work out.

Know when to end the date, but also how to plan a second one and take control to show confidence and genuine interest in your Thai date or lover.For starters, Thai women are very traditional, and depending on where you met yours, chances are she will be against any forms of PDA (public displays of affection).