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04-Dec-2019 22:23

"Angelina Jolie Returning To “Dark Side” To Get Brad Pitt Back?

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And while Angie’s divorce battle with Brad seems to have calmed down, privately she’s still angry.” But the “sexy liaison” with Depp was supposedly unplanned.Vanessa believes Johnny cheated with Angelina during the making of The Tourist, and that’s what tore their 14-year-relationship apart!“It’s no coincidence that things began to unravel for Johnny and Vanessa when he started working with Angelina on The Tourist last February.It doesn’t appear the two have been in much contact since co-starring in a film together nearly a decade ago. That article failed to explain how the actress went from wanting to get “revenge” on Pitt with another man to wanting to reconcile with him in less than two weeks. If Jolie had truly been in a romance with the actor, the tabloid wouldn’t have changed narratives so quickly.

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It’s also worth mentioning, the tabloids have a habit of arbitrarily linking the former co-stars. "Angelina Jolie NOT Revenge Dating Johnny Depp, Despite Report." Gossip Cop.

They’ve been having steamy meet ups on the sly for about a month.” The couple are reported to have been stealing away to Johnny’s private island in the Bahamas and are even thinking of making a trip to her private getaway in Cambodia.