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The DR01 is much more user friendly, and has a larger screen.

You'll occasionally have to pull out the memory card and delete old video files, the G force sensors on dashcams will lock files and prevent them from being deleted.

Both use capacitors instead of batteries, which are a must in Texas heat.

My mini 0805 has been running for almost four years now, no issues so far.

Got charges pressed against the guy with my footage as the main evidence. A lot of videos will identify the camera in the comments.

)And a second time when a cop SUV ran a red light driving on the sidewalk and completely t-boned a car that was crossing on green and totaled that car. I haven't needed it fortunately, but I installed a mini 0805 in my car, and an Aukey DR01 in my brother's car.

The internet, as the philosopher-king Trekkie proclaimed in Avenue Q, is for porn.

So many tools now viewed as standard – streaming video, two-way chat, online payments – were pioneered by porn sites.

These cam straps come in multiple colors so organization is a cinch.Cam, the debut feature of Daniel Goldhaber and writer Isa Mazzei depends on the intersection of menace and commerce on the internet.