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05-Dec-2019 21:21

The takeaway here is that these memes are designed to evoke a reaction, and the more reaction there is, the more troll-y the posts get, and the meme’s longevity increases.And that pattern means that Brown quitting Twitter may cause a Streisand effect, in which the meme only gets more attention from trolls because of Brown’s reaction.The quality of being superior you can get only on Vporn Tube.The website with probably the best free sex content over the net. Every clip on Vporn is selected by our team to satisfy all your wild desires.But the people who see this meme as bullying do also have a point: Brown is still a young actress in her formative years, and if the reports are accurate and she deactivated her account because of this meme, she’s clearly uncomfortable with its existence and may not feel that same compartmentalization.It’s not irrational for Brown to dislike the association of her name attached to these memes and want separation.

While not immediately related to the tweet that kicked all this off, the obviously bad photoshops that often accompany these tweets play up the painfully fake angle of the original meme.That the meme is being remixed and laughed at by LGBTQ people creates a context of reclamation that would be missing if LGBTQ people weren’t the ones having fun with it.