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04-Nov-2019 16:59

I see this set in the same vain as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Dark Knight.As a huge Nolan fan i was looking forward to this big time but found it really disappointing.Most Maximum Movie Mode's from WB have more focus points that aren't necessarily listed. The focus points weren't even listed on the back cover art. I was really hoping for a briefcase for the US, I guess I'll have to get both. ) J-Justice, so far most (I might even say all, as I think Warner is the only Studio with 100% region-free Blu-ray releases) Warner Blu-ray discs have been region-free. They had better have a 24-bit audio track to capture this film's amazing score and sound design.It is safe to assume Inception will be region-free as well. All the extras should be on a second, dedicated bluray so the flim's video bitrate doesn't suffer like on other releases.Inception was not an IMAX movie..was released in IMAX theatres using the DMR uprez process..a 35mm negative (even though they shot some footage in 65mm..was NOT in the IMAX was displayed in theatres in the Anamorphic 2.40 aspect ratio.They didn't even do a direct transfer from the 65mm negative to IMAX...there is no way the Blu-ray will have anything in the IMAX frame aspect ratio.

This psychological action thriller, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo Di Caprio, was a massive hit this summer despite its enigmatic premise and complex plot.

Overall it reminded me of a Matrix wantabe with much less magic. Joen- the UK just for collectors reasons, here's the link to the Amazon UK listing: jdub178, I have pre-ordered the UK briefcase a few weeks ago (when it first went up for pre-order). Something that is in short order in today's instant CGI, cheap thrills, fast cut, eye candy movies. You know why don't you its because they think they can cut audio formats and save money by including a DVD then people wont complain!

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