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20-Sep-2019 03:26

When I was 31, my fiancé told me that there was absolutely no way he wanted to have kids. ’ and it preoccupied my mind for the rest of the week.

However, I soon confirmed that I still didn't want kids, and my brief stress was simply about wanting the decision to be mine, not anyone else's.

I actually do love children, and have been very close to my friends' kids and I have a niece my sister adopted from China with whom I'm very close (particularly since my sister, a single mother, died five years ago, so I'm the 'parental alternative' as I say).

Every time I go to a special event—bar mitzvah, wedding, etc.—of my friends' kids I have a twinge that I'll never have that experience.

There's no crystal ball that can let a woman look into the future and know if any of these (usually unsolicited) warnings will turn out to be true. We talked to 10 women, now past childbearing age, about their decision not to have children to help inform and support younger women making a similar choice."I can't remember ever wanting kids, except maybe as a preschooler.

My mother and stepmother both acted as if child rearing was tantamount to roasting in hell. Every time I hear about people's problems with their children, I think, I dodged a bullet.

We had a challenging few years making our marriage work, and I think we both agree having children would have put an unbearable strain on it.

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I have been able to work and to live in several countries other than the U. These life, career, and financial decisions were made easier by being childfree.

(My stepmother also battered and psychologically mistreated me. I worry occasionally about finding myself alone in a big indifferent world, but I also know that children can be the ones who put you in a facility against your will, steal from you, or otherwise break your heart. Interestingly, though, I often daydream about step or foster children.