Chinese on line dating scams

07-Oct-2019 20:54

Basically, if you're a Chinese male in the 20-30 age bracket, you can find yourself in a pretty hard spot, with few females willing you invest any time at all in you. These girls throw out LOTS of hooks but they only need to land a fish 2-3 times a month because the commission on a successful scam can be several thousand yuan. That's worse than the stories of guys screwing hookers and then being demanded to pay cash by thugs.

If you're good at your despicable line of work, and have not an ounce of decency and self-respect, you can make tens of thousands a month, with little effort other than spending a few hours a day feeding often pre-written messages into your phone, and going out to eat with your equally despicable friends once or twice a week. I mean, I footed the bill one time at and keep the receipt in my pocket to remind me, but 4000 Rmb?

Met another girl from Tantan got a bad feeling, trusted my instincts and ran away.

This scam is nothing new and it happens to Chinese men too.

Live and learn I said to myself, I keep the receipt in my wallet to remind me not to let anyone take advantage of me again.

I met a girl today from Tantan and I immediately felt a lot of red flags in my head reminding me of the previous experience. Firstly, the girl looked nothing like her pictures.

Obligatory this is my first post on /r/China, I want to share a couple bad experiences that I've had in meeting girls on Tantan and Jiayuan.

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I looked around, the light at the corner was green, and I ran across the street and into the mall.

They both looked panicky, the friend took out her phone and tried to record me (she thought she was being sly but it was so obvious) then asked why I don't want to eat there.