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The back metal step was bent down and the gate was very hard to close.A large slice in the tire was worrying, the closing gate took multiple people to be able to close.Always have a good experience with them whenever I need a U-Haul. Also helped us get our personal belongings out of the car so we didn’t forget anything.This was a very last-minute rental and they got me processed and out the door ASAP. Bad attitude terrible physical condition Obvious hands off ownership Looked like an inner city convience store.

I had an issue with the connection on my cell with U-Haul.

Had we gone to the other location first we would have certainly selected another carrier.

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( got disconnected 3 times ) Had done everything on my cell accept process payment.

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(Kept getting an error message) went in to ask the attendant for help and he was very short like he didn’t want to be bothered & rude.

He made it very clear that it was an imposition to answer questions.