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For experienced teachers who hold a teaching certificate and who wish to earn a first Master’s degree in education (Rank 2).

Experienced teachers who hold a teaching certificate and a first Master’s degree in education may also choose to complete this program to earn a second Master’s degree and Rank I.

Education students will acquire an overview of the teaching profession in PK-12 level, and will gain an awareness of teaching diverse learners.

Students considering education as a major must be free of a felony or misdemeanor convictions for any crime directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the teaching profession.

Demand for teachers continues to remain high in the UK with the government offering generous financial packages to attract the best graduates to the classroom.

We partner with the University of Huddersfield on the teacher training courses and help develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to successfully pursue a teaching career.

For further information, visit our Fees & Money Matters page or you can contact the Financial Support Team at [email protected] or on 01924 789304. Also include any prerequisites that would be required for your class. If you have experience in the subject and love to teach, we want to hear from you! You have the option of purchasing the items yourself and providing us the receipts or providing us with an exact list of items.