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15-Jan-2020 03:11

Single Mothers in all but special circumstances should be avoided at all cost. 1) As he noted, its unlikely if her children will love you, especially if there's some dysfunction between her and her children.

If you must date a woman with children, find one with a child under five and without the father actively in their lives.

Finally - 3) These factors do not apply to every region of the world.

He used the example of a poor Thai woman who was a single mother and I think that's a poor example (pun intended).

The good news is they usually had them young, even if they have one or two most will want at least another one.

With more educated women, this is harder like elsewhere in the world, the poorer you are the most kids you tend to have, the richer you are fewer children are born.

I chose her over thousands single women I chatted with online. v=y AAq L2A6V6s When Stephen keeps to social issues, I tend to agree with him.

When he dives off into race and political issues it gets dicey...

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This is not an issue if they are under 25, but if they are around 30 and still working as a checker or stock person, run, don't walk unless you like investing in children that aren't yours.For example you need about K a year to live comfortably in LA, but she needs about -K a year with one child, based on a child will cost 0,000 from age zero to 18.IE if she's working a service sector job and she's not management, that's a red flag.Skip to content Generally speaking, dating a single mom can be a risky venture but there are exceptions.

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I married a single mom last year, I never intended to do so.

My Stepfather has his own children from his previous relationship.