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04-Jan-2020 12:10

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Ashlea Campbell writes about families, relationships and health-related issues.

In addition to writing professionally, she teaches writing courses at Collin College in Plano, Texas.

We talked and he said he appreciated my courage to confess my feelings for him. I think he was also overwhelmed because he looked affected and seemed to want to talk to me but just couldn't.

He's studying physics, while I'm studying philosophy. Finally, I worked up the courage to tell him I liked him. HOWEVER, he did not ask for my number and just told me "See you around! The next few days, it seemed like nothing happened. But after a few days he said hi and I was just like "Yeah hi" but I was still overwhelmed about what I just did.

Just as you feel revitalized by hanging out with other people, your partner gets the same feeling from solitude.

Finding a balance can be difficult because "a loner can be perfectly content with their own company, while being alone will make another person utterly miserable," notes psychologist Ros Taylor.

I would say he's interested at the lightest - considering his reaction and looking at you - but was not sure on how to deal with a new situation out of the nowhere (probably he's also not very experient with talking with women).

But he seems not to have a clue on how to go from there - womenly "subtle clues" will not work here, and it seems you will have some work to do yourself. I would self-identify as a 'smart and loner' guy.

We are both smart people and both of us had never been in a relationship.

Keep talking to him, be friendly and maybe you'll have to be the oke taking the initiative to invite him for a coffee. I used to be very oblivious to the intentions of girls; even if it was obvious that a girl liked me or down-right told me, I would not necessarily do anything with it.