Dating a married man memoirs from the other woman

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Her assessment of their relationship could not erase her bitterness at her treatment by the man who had promised to save her but instead left her life in chaos.However, one woman whose career as a mistress paid dividends was Pamela Digby Churchill Harriman.One lover was the married and immensely rich William Averell Harriman, who provided her with a lovely apartment and an income.He ended the affair in 1946, though he stopped paying her rent only in 1950 and continued her generous annual “salary” for nearly three decades. Pamela had re-encountered Averell Harriman, now a 79-year-old widower devastated by his wife’s death. She comforted him and provided him with the sex life the old man still longed for. The conservative Pamela transmogrified into a Democrat’s Democrat and devoted herself to raising funds for the Democratic Party.There were her three husbands: Randolph Churchill (Sir Winston’s son), Leland Hayward, Broadway (The Sound Of Music, South Pacific, Gypsy) and Hollywood producer, and William Averell Harriman, former New York governor and diplomat.Pamela hankered after vast wealth rather than genteel comfort and set about finding a husband who could provide it.Despite her rotund beauty and flaming red hair, Pamela did not attract eligible suitors.

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For Joe, taking Gloria to bed was now just a matter of time.

Gloria later recalled: “The strange man beside me, more than my husband, owned me.”Gloria then received a summons to meet an unidentified guest. A Kennedy family friend, O’Connell told her: “I am here to ask you to stop seeing Joseph Kennedy.

Each time you see him, you become an occasion of sin for him”. “It’s Mr Kennedy you should be talking to,” she said firmly. Gossip and newspapers reported that he had earned million by selling their film company assets.

Averell died in 1986 and he left her an enormous fortune in stock holdings, property, art and jewellery.

She invested some of this money in cosmetic surgery that contoured her face, transforming the portly 66-year-old into a sprightly beauty.When he presented her with gifts and accepted her grateful thanks, he never reminded her that she, not he, was paying for them.