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Stick it in your case as "case candy" to sweeten up your vintage instrument's case appeal.Historically interesting of course but also a nice bit of case candy for that vintage Gibson-made Recording King banjo...Originally heads were made of skin and varied in diameter to as small as five inches.Larger heads were favored, however, as they were louder, and thus more audible in band settings.Banjo hybrids normally take their names from the Banjo- prefix, and then the second half of the other instrument's name, such as banjocello, banjo guitar, and banjolele which implies the banjolin is a sort of mandolin/banjo hybrid.In the advertisement, Farris did not mention where the name came from, but did say that it was "fingered like the violin." Banjolins should not be confused with the banjolele, (a banjo-ukulele hybrid), due to their larger head size and shorter scale length in comparison.Makers of zithers applied the names of known instruments to their zithers as a theme.

During the Hawaiian music craze of the early 20th century, instrument makers tried to capitalize on the widespread desire to learn an instrument.Banjolins today are supposed to have four strings instead of 8 strings (in courses or pairs).However, that distinction is not universal; the banjolin name was patented in 1885 by John Farris for an instrument with 8 strings.All overseas buyers must order from the "more photos" page which has this paypal button at the bottom of the page that will include overseas postage.

Postage listed here below is generally for US only..95 (.99 postage US) prewar GIBSON tenor banjo string & string envelope- RARE prewar GIBSON tenor banjo string and original string envelope.