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The bustle sat high at the back, and the side of the dress was pulled into high puffs with deeply folded apron drapes.This broad-hipped style lasted from 1883 to 1886, and the bustle reached its maximum size in 1886.From the hottest nightlife looks to edgy fetish clothing, this is versatile menswear you can play around with to find a style that’s your own.

The bustle on the bottom left appears to have reached its maximum size. Severa Around 1887, the bustle flattened considerably and formed a drooping set of deep folds down the back.

1880s Lavish, Narrow Skirts: Image courtesy of Joan L.

Severa After 1882, skirts became wider again, and the back became more accentuated - all leading up to the revival of the bustle in 1883.

At the same time, clothes were designed for women to wear in the workplace and to accommodate an increasing interest in outdoor activities for women.

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By 1880, the skirt was very narrow, and the back of the dress had only slight padding.Differio is one of the few online gay apparel stores that deliver highly coveted gay fashion trends that gay men love.