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12-Feb-2020 04:11

To complicate things a bit more, there are exceptions to these rules that Russians just need to memorize.

Both Google and Yandex do a good job in understanding this and common queries, will return appropriate results. Previously, when a user would type for instance “Moving to Canada,” a user would only get the exact match on the noun ending for Canada. I entered the second format in the search boxes in Yandex and Google.

Still as Gianluca Fiorelli put it, “the regional Googles are broken.” Fiorelli’s assessments note that Google’s lack of updates in regional versions, geo-targeting, and language understanding capabilities can contribute to sub-par search results.

When a search engine struggles to properly understand the language it is running on and it inadvertently misses the mark on what a user wants or returning relevant pages, it will also miss your opportunities for contextual advertising.

Not too long ago, would have only had exact match results for the specific verb format.

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In recent years, Google has improved its capabilities to offer users and advertisers a better experience on their regional versions.

For the first round, I opted to test out two Russian words with different meaning and spelling that sound very similar when pronounced. Yandex also suggested the correct spelling, which when clicked, led me to a page with more ads and even better results.