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There's the town, a river, a cockatoo, a grass, a suburb, a train and a mouse all named by or after this canny surveyor. However Mitchell, as a name, is mundane compared to gems such as: Bungeworgorat, Muckadilla and Dubbydilla.The locals like to insert the great Australian adjective into the middle of these names so that Muckadilla becomes Muck-a-bloody-dilla. Aka Graeme It's Monday morning and after a rest day in Longreach we're preparing for the flight to Winton.As we were tucking into the hangar BBQ a call came in, the King Air was pushed out and off they flew into the darkness. The payback came at Longreach which has just one runway and obviously it was the wrong runway.

Below is a pic of the plane and a rough idea of the route but for some reason Roma is missing. It will get a little hectic soon as the full fleet prepares to depart for Moree via Coonamble.This time the valves kept their seats and we sallied through at 4,000 ft and 73 knots groundspeed into a playful northerly breeze.Surat passed below and Roma appeared at the expected time and location.The plane is Graeme Smith's VH-BYM, a 1953 Auster J5F Aiglet.

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It's the relatively rare aerobatic model although this feature will only be turned on for special occasions.

Bloody disappointing, especially when the gas caught fire and burnt for three weeks.