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18-Jan-2020 09:49

The large stripes woven at the top and bottom of the blanket are called “Headings”.

After the first shipment to Fort Albany in 1780, the point blankets were shipped to trading posts on a regular basis.centuries trade in one particular item in what is today Canada and the United States was sought after by the First Nations.It may look like a common household item now but the Hudson’s Bay point blanket is one of the most significant blankets in the world.The company followed his suggestion, which proved to be successful since a two point HBC blanket could be traded for up to four high quality beaver pelts.

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These stripped blankets were created by the Hudson’s Bay Company in the Northern part of North America in 1780.In this 2004 interview with CBC Radio host Shelagh Rogers, Tichenor reveals that the point blanket has become a testament to the twists and turns of Canada's past.