Dating motorcycle tyres

29-Jan-2020 10:03

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Please remember however that It is the “top speed” of the “slowest” tyre on your motorcycle which defines the maximum speed at which you should ride and which, if exceeded, risks tyre failure hence why you should replace a tyre with one of at least the same speed rating so that you don’t reduce the speed capability of your bike.There are a number of different speed and load ratings, and their values in MPH and kilograms respectively are shown here.Fortunately, you can crack the code on the side of a tire to determine a tire’s actual age. The Tire Safety Group offers a free tool for consumers to check their tires to instantly determine whether a tire is expired or recalled.You can either obtain a free Tire Facts Report from this website or you can do it the old-fashioned way. Simply type in the full DOT code from your tire and instantly receive a free Tire Facts Report.Next to, or near the size is the DOT code which indicates that the tyre conforms to the United States Department Of Transport regulations, and following this will be four digits molded in a separate rectangle.This is the date code, and it shows when the tyre was made.In the July 2014 edition of Fast Bikes our very own Bryn Phillips has been discussing everything you need to know about tyre markings, so read on to find out what you missed….

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The first section of this number indicates the tyre’s section width, in this case 120mm.