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If wanted in place of Double Duty Fork, specify on order. The New Auto-Cycle (Unequipped) Model B507 This model may be converted into a Heavy Duty bicycle at small additional cost. Handlebars: Chromium braced, with large rubber grips. Notice its new tank, with the design embossed, not just painted on. Guards: 3 1/2" Crescent, enameled to match, and beautifully striped. combines up-to-the-minute smartness with great strength and velvety smooth riding and handling. Tank: New design, which, with the streamline frame, gives the low sweeping lines of motorcycle design. What a beauty- with twin headlights, Spring Fork, Fore Wheel Brake, sparkling chrome carrier, cantilever type frame, built-in speedometer and newest styled embossed design tank and chain guard. Double Duty Fork: The front fork sides of the new Schwinn double duty fork are double tapered tubes which else in graceful ares from the axle to the yoke at top of frame head, eliminating bending strain from fork stem and doubling fork strength. Handlebar Stem: New Schwinn improved, fully chromium plated, guaranteed. Look for the Schwinn seal of quality of the frame, just under the saddle. Auto Cycle De Luxe, Special Boys, here's the bike that will keep you at the head of the parade in any company. Electrical Equipment: Appropritely equipped with the finest chromium plated headlight with switch conveniently located on top of the tank. The best of materials go into their making- and the most expert workmanship. Safety Fender Ornament: Bright metal, aerial bomb design, with high power reflective button. Ride Schwinn - Built Bicycles With Lifetime Guarantee bring new pleasure, new comfort, new safety, new value, to cycling. It is a written, dated, numbered guarantee, signed and certified by the maker, one of the oldest, largest, and strongest bicycle manufacturers in the United States. Heres the new Schwinn Auto Cycle that has everything---the dream of every boy who needs a bicycle! Fore-Wheel, Brake, special Schwinn Heavy Duty automobile internal expander type, for added safety.

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The combination of the Cantilever frame as double duty fork together with 105 or 120 gauge spokes, heavy duty tires and knockout hub makes an excetionally strange bicycle. Handlebar Stem: New Schwinn improved, fully chromium plated, guaranteed. It is the most beautiful tank ever put on a bicycle.

If wanted in place of Double Duty Fork, specify on order. ARNOLD, SCHWINN and COMPANY See the full 1938 Schwinn catalog. The Auto-Cycle Super De Luxe See those large-flange, oversize hubs, like those the 6-day racers use., also known as Plenty Of Fish, is an online dating site headquartered in Vancouver.… continue reading »

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