Dating someone with sickle cell

25-Dec-2019 13:47

In a pain crisis: People with sickle cell disease are also at risk for problems such as leg ulcers, bone or joint damage, gallstones, kidney damage, eye damage, and delayed growth. People who have it inherited certain hemoglobin genes from their parents.

Hemoglobin is the protein inside of red blood cells that carries oxygen.

The long-term effects of sickle cell disease can cause painful problems, especially for adults.

For example, poor blood flow can damage bones and joints and cause pain.

It happens when the sickle-shaped red blood cells that cause the condition get stuck in small blood vessels and block blood flow.

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Sickle cell disease also might be diagnosed before a baby is born with a test on the amniotic fluid or with a sample of tissue from the placenta.

Scientists are also studying another drug, L-glutamine, to see if it can help people have shorter or fewer hospital visits for sickle cell pain.