Dating valco amplifiers

29-Nov-2019 01:03

Three inputs are provided – one labelled treble and the others labelled bass.The power switch is a three-way device, which is off in the centre, in standby when moved to the rear and fully operational when shifted towards the front.It’s probably no coincidence that 6973s are found in Gretsch and Supro amplifiers, because Valco built amps for both brands.

As much as we admire vintage tweeds, this Gretsch looks and feels like a higher quality amp.In the centre, there’s a mismatched ‘hand switch’ control knob for tremolo speed that doubles up as an on/off switch for the tremolo effect.There’s also a socket for a footswitch to activate the tremolo, but no control for intensity.The silk-screened control panel has a busy look, but there’s not that much going on.

The basic controls are simple enough, with just volume and tone to play with.These power tubes may or may not have been fitted in Jimmy Page’s fabled Supro, but we like them a lot.