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12-Dec-2019 20:15

Although Rembielinski did fill out parts of the right hand compass circle and some of the lines, which the 1883 photograph shows were not present even before the conservation exercise, he was meticulous in carefully outlining the vellum loss by means of a faint line.

Whereas the version prepared for Jomard by Eugeniusz Rembielinski was a hand-copied lithograph, Delisles takes the form of two large photographs, which have been joined up in the case of the Imago Mundi reissue.There is no justification for taking the mid-point within that century-long window.But nor is a 1270 date for the chart tenable, because of its inclusion of Palamos, founded in 1279.In the event, he was just able to include some of Crimeas west coast but only by turning around the names awkwardly.

The Carte Pisane is, as far as I know, the only chart from the early period to downplay the Black Sea in this way.

What made that claim about one of the Bibliothque nationale de France's greatest cartographic treasures all the more dramatic was that the conference was being organised by that very institution, as an accompaniment to the finest exhibition of early maritime charts ever mounted, with the Carte Pisane as one of its central attractions.