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Moreover, it’s just unbelievable the City of Jerusalem was being ruined for four times in one and the same date, and the same has happened to the Pharos for nine times.Finally, the above mentioned Syrian City of Antiochy was annihilated for 19 (!

I believe it becomes clear now where so many stones, scattered on the streets of ruinous Jerusalem (seen on panorama), come from, along with round holes and collapsed roofs.

Just the same bodies were left after the Tungus Meteorite struck.

This is a picture of meteorite bombardment of Ensisheim in 1492.

Another thing that we recollect is a famous fossil ancient Indian site that looks like it went through nuclear attack.

But glassy bodies are abundantly scattered in the south of China.

More than that, it managed to crash down twice in one and the same day – July, 21, but in different years: 365 and 400.