Digivox not updating

01-Nov-2019 05:50

I know of quite a few who use the TBS 6925 cards and are happy with those. Cheaper ones are the 6922 PCIe and 8922 PCI that do QPSK and 8PSK only. Being a quad tuner, it does need a strong, healthy signal Drivers are mainlined in latest Linux kernels (works out-of-the-box with Fedora 18) I'm having a little bit of trouble getting Tvheadend to find ABC and SBS channels (Australia) but apart from that, everything worked perfectly I am also looking for a dual dvb-t usb tuner device.They are a PCIe card and one of the few that do 16 and 32 APSK. For an S2 PCI card that does QPSK and 8PSK it's pretty hard to beat the PROF 7301. Noted your recommendation on PROF 7301 but I don't need double tuner adaptor. Seen that PROF made their own linux drivers for PROF 7300 which people say are quite good from one side but other say also that this PROF 7300 has problems with power supply. This one appears to be the most available here in shops however if possible I would like to get something what is working really well.Any further positive or negative experience would be welcome on the above (fairly detailed) thread as I am trying to see if TBS can get a handle on the situation.I'm using an Elgato Eye TV DVB-T stick (which is just a rebadged Hauppauge Nova-T) and a Techni Star DVB-S2, both USB and both work fine out of the box on kernel 3.1.10 (no custom dvb driver builds necessary).We have some patches for the PROF 7301 and TBS 6925 in North America that add a lot to the functionality of these cards. Can you recommend me something else to compare this evolveo dual tuner with?

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Others have had better luck but I've wasted an enormous amount of time for little result.

The "TBS5280 DVB-T2/T Freeview HD Dual Tuner USB TV Stick" looked like it might be ideal, but boy oh boy was that a nightmare - the README files in the drivers package were a bit rubbish to say the least and it ended up requiring the whole DVB/V4L tree recompiling which took hours on my Revo but eventually got it working, left BBC ONE HD running for a couple of hours come back and it was reporting no signal and XBMC had hung. Somehow that driver upgrade/install had managed to break the Digivox's drivers which meant the PC wouldn't even boot with it attached, had killed the second tuner on the Kworld UB-499-2T and FM Transmitter sound card.

Why oh why it needed to recompile the whole DVB/V4L tree is beyond me, never have I had a driver installation be so disastrous. Fortunately a Kernel upgrade - now 3.10.1-031001-generic - (and clearing all the new files from the lib/firmware folder) got my Kworld, Digivox, and FM Transmitter back to normal, while also having the side effect of updating the drivers for the Kworld which means it's second tuner doesn't loose signal on some multiplexes any more I replaced that with a PCTV 290e Nanostick, and before delivery I'd added "options em28xx-dvb adapter_nr=4" to /etc/modprobe.d/to ensure it would always be on the same location.

a minus if you worry a neet a little warm but not alarmingly hot. The host is a vmware ESXi 5.0 system and I have opted for USB devices owing to the limited number of available PCIe slots for pass through.

Currently running Ubuntu 12.10 with all updates from standard repos.

In my case on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS with the last few iterations of TBS drivers and the last few versions of Tvheadend on a Q6600 / Asus P5K Premium.

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