Dstv on demand not updating

30-Oct-2019 18:01

Movies that you have rented are available for 48 hours and you can watch them as many times as you want in the 48-hour rental period.

When the rental period expires, your movie will expire and automatically change from "Watch Now" to "Rent Now", regardless of whether you have watched the movie or not.

Registration is required but you do not need to be a DStv customer.

Once registered, your online profile will give you access to all the services linked to com If, however, you are a DStv Premium, DStv Extra or Compact, you will benefit by paying less to rent a New Release movie online with Box Office. You can rent movies and stream them directly from the Box Office website at com/boxoffice.

This will not affect your 48-hour rental period and your movie will be available to watch immediately and will expire at the correct time within your own time zone.If you are in the middle of watching the movie and the 48-hour rental period expires, the movie will stop and it will change to "Rent Now" status .