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12-Mar-2020 04:19

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My most embarassing moment happened while I was working at a camp for the summer.

I was a camp runner, meaning that I was the guy that drove into town for whatever reason.

Shit was literally, yes literally, sprayed on all walls and ceiling. There was no way i could clean it all up, I needed a janitor.

So I walked out and politely told a nurse the bathroom need a clean up and badly. I made some poor janitor quit his job over a shit-caked bathroom.

Traumarama will be in-stores in December 2005--in time to coincide with the big finale of the reality show--the search for America's "young sweetheart"--which will air through the Fall. At other points, the stories were uncomfortable familiar.

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The camp was in the middle of nowhere, so the ride to the urgent care was pretty long. I woke up with my dick hard as a rock and the head of it poking out of the leg of my shorts.

A few weeks ago I was horny and for god knows what reason, decided to try use my cellphone as a vibrator. it got stuck up there and the only person who could get me to hospital was my friend (Who thought it was hilarious).

On the way there he posted on Facebook informing the world of my situation, along with my cellphone number. I finally told my parents how long it had been since i had shit and they freaked out and took me to the hospital. After the third and final one, all that water softened all that shit up just enough i could expel it.

Before I was able to get my bearings, I felt a surge of pressure and proceeded to ejaculate onto the glove compartment door. Both of them had obviously seen what happened and both of their faces were like beet red.

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Immediately I heard both a shriek and a girl yell, "oh God! The car was absolutely silent for the next 10 minutes apart from the sounds of me attempting to wipe up my semen with an old Mc Donald's bag. Needless to say I have never returned to Korea I used to clean a house there were some Korean guests from a rural area visiting. I figured that out when I found chunks of poop in the toilet scrubber, which they had evidently been wiping themselves with.

As much as I wanted to believe in sites that told me differently — that men across the pond were just waiting for my arrival — I felt like I also knew better.… continue reading »

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Plus there are years worth of past posts there you can search for answers to all sorts of common (and uncommon) questions./u/thebardingreen and /u/Befreeman are super helpful, so head on over and say Hello! I'm in Phoenix and he He doesn't look like any of the other little lizards running around so I'm wondering if he's lost.… continue reading »

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That’s because the capsaicin found in spicy foods actually lowers cholesterol levels by reducing cholesterol accumulation in the body.… continue reading »

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I want you to be on the site at least three hours a week.” Uh-oh. Kindly, Hoffman refrains from mocking my unassisted self-description: “I’m a loving person who likes trying new restaurants and a sweet treat before bed.” (I never realized how dirty that sounds.) She asks about my hobbies, how my coworkers would fill in the “most likely to” blank. And if they occasionally get a positive response, they may figure it can't hurt to try again.… continue reading »

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We invite you to take back control of your humanness, alone or with friends, at least while you are chillin at the NEST! … continue reading »

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