Give six advantages of validating research instruments

02-Nov-2019 05:29

Can a small child report their family's income, occupation, and level of education?

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The key variables should have been identified in Step 2: Identify Key Variables and Research Design.For example, if a research study is examining Maths achievement of JS1 students, each unit of analysis (JS1 student) must be assigned a number that represents their position in Maths achievement.This can simply be done by assigning them a score on a Maths exam.Now that the sample has been identified, the researcher must now transition to thinking about what the variables mean both theoretically and practically to determine how to measure the key variables in the study.

Measurement consists of assigning numbers or labels to the units of analysis that accurately represent their position on the variables under study.Any problems with the instrument after it has been administered will require the student to completely redo the data collection process, wasting considerable time and money.

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