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05-Mar-2020 07:19

The one on dating and mental illness, bipolar and how I met my fiance (when I wrote the article, he was my boyfriend) was something very close to my heart and it was a genuine honour to be featured in a magazine I had a read as a teenager and one of the biggest womens magazines in the UK. Thanks to Rebecca Thair, editor of first ever mental health magazine, Happiful magazine for not only being first to publish my story with bipolar back in January (which was so important to me) but also publishing my later articles on social anxiety and a guide to bipolar.

I love working with you and the Happiful team and hope to write more for you.

From there, she and her colleagues continued to commission me to write and when she and they left in the summer, I have continued to pitch articles and be published.

Thank you to Ellen Scott, Aimee Meade and the current team at Metro too.

On being romantically linked to to men in the tabloids: GLAMOUR: You’ve been linked to many men in the tabloids.

I’d rather be in love and have a baby than have a movie.

On not knowing what its like to date: GLAMOUR: Have you ever thought of just putting up a profile that doesn’t have your photo? That is the biggest form of bullying ever, the paparazzi. God, I’m probably 25 pounds heavier in muscle mass and weight at this point. Now this is my normal weight that I started out with.

I saw you recently said the Ashton Kutcher thing was absurd…MK: Ninety-nine percent of it is bulls–t.

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When we came back, we spent a weekend in the Cotswolds at my dad with family- a lovely escape.Outside of work, this year was a very special one as back in April, my fiance Robert proposed to me at the Shard, overlooking London.