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Contracts in the NEC3 family use the term 'low service damages' (optional clause X.17) and generally include a Low Service Damages Schedule.

In Australia, the definition of liquidated damages applies to the situations where upon the failure of a primary stipulation, imposes a detriment to the first party or a benefit to the second party by a secondary stipulation collateral to the primary stipulation (i.e. UK bank and credit card customers were being charged as much as £39 for a single transaction that took them over their credit limit.

The other parts of the process are handled by the appointed liquidator, and he will only need the director in the event of further information being required.

The whole process usually takes around six to eight months, and when finalised the liquidation means the company ceases to exist.

The High Court found that fees were not incapable of being characterised as penalties merely because they were not charged upon breach of contract.

If Townsend breaches the contract by refusing to lease the store-front at the appointed time, it will be difficult to determine what profits Smith will have lost because the success of newly created small businesses is highly uncertain.

Hence, it is a capital receipt in the hands of the assessee.

In 2009 the Supreme Court ruled (see Office of Fair Trading v Abbey National plc) that terms in bank account contracts were not capable of being penal, bar those applicable to Nat West Bank customers between 20.

Liquidating a company is usually straightforward and there is no need for directors to trouble themselves about the process,” Lyndon continues.

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One reason for this is that the enforcement of the term would, in effect, require an equitable order of specific performance.Liquidating a company sounds like a scary and difficult thing to do, but in reality it is usually very straightforward and hassle-free.