Kajira for dating

04-Mar-2020 06:44

Many may see it as being abnormal, a sign of mental problems or even a reason to escape responsibilities, Master. Within the world that Master and i live, as with others, safe, sane and consentual are not optional, but the law that W/we all follow, Master.No doubt there are those who abuse this, but this is no different from those who take advantage of others in the vanilla world, Master.As a kajira i have learnt that a Gorean Master treasures His kajira as His most prized possession and in fact my Master recently said that i am His most valuable asset, Master.Gorean books can be seen by some as cruel or even detrimental towards women, but when one reads deeper, one realizes that the true Gorean Masters relish in freeing the women inside of their kajirae, Master.Many may ask what it is that i get in return for being Master’s kajira, Master.

It is about self-respect, respect of each O/other, commonalities, friendship, caring, protection, unconditional love and sharing, Master.

Each Gorean Master is different, some following the Gorean books to the letter and others following the philosophies, all of which are as old as time itself, used in a series of books about Gor that spoke for those of U/us who share these common views, Master.