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25-Sep-2019 05:59

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Would I still need to run a cable from my linksys to the new router and bridge the connection?

right now it's on my wife's pc, but when I move it to my 360 it fails to do anything.

Sometimes these numbers are set manually and sometimes they are updated automatically.

I checked one of the devices I connect to using wireless, and it says right now the signal strength is excellent but it's trying to validate my identity.

Once all that is done can you then wait about 2 minutes and see if you can connect your wireless machines using the password XXXXX just set and see if you can get online and then test your speed.

Still only getting half speed through the wireless router.

Hello Guy's i read all above and i installed serval web browsers.

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The laptop is one of the devices I'm trying to connect to with wireless - just wanting to make sure I understand your instructions.It is important that you connect the modem first and get connectivity then start the wireless router afterward.