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06-Jan-2020 17:22

Maybe we do a series on digital art, maybe a series on comic art. In terms of permanent jobs, the staff of the museum will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 full-time jobs. And I’m the person who I’d say is intensely focused on inclusion. And it’s not that George didn’t like this art, but I don’t think he’d have been as driven to collect it.

But the staff itself will be bigger than that in terms of visiting fellows, all sorts of people that come and go in the institution. Do we have diverse vendors, diversity in lawyers, any service we’re buying. He had Georgia O’Keeffe, he had Lempicka; when I started dating him, he bought his first Botero, which probably won’t go in the museum, but we’ve collected a lot of Boteros since then, the statues. A., or the greater creative community, play a role in the museum’s decision to move here? is in a great renaissance right now, it’s very clear.

We also wanted to be here because we’d have so many schools around us, and we saw that we’d have a captive audience, not to mention the tourists that we think will come.

Norman Rockwell — even though we think of him as a great American artist, in a lot of museums he has not garnered that kind of attention.

And it’s this kind of accessibility that we’re trying to bring — not looking down on any art. Our sense is there will be a cinematheque, so films will be shown every day and that will be a part of the function of the building. It’s the seed collection from the Lucas family, and we’ve been acquiring for the last few years, Don [Bacigalupi, museum founding president] has been part of those acquisitions, filling out the collection in areas where he thinks it’s not yet ready for prime time.

We heard about the visitors at [] and the Broad and how diverse they are, and that’s something that spoke to us.

What also separates us is: Our art is not in most museums, or if it’s there, it’s not exhibited.

George visited the Louvre, Crystal Bridges [Museum of American Art in Arkansas], the New York museums. What’s going to separate the Lucas Museum from other museums you visited? Like the Lincoln Park Zoo [in Chicago]: There’s every walk of life there.

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