Most intimidating dog

21-Feb-2020 07:17

A well trained French Mastiffs also can be an effective rescue dog.

The French Mastiffs are extremely loyal, protective and devoted to their family. The French Mastiffs are also gentle with children and can get along with other pets in the family. The large breed is very gentle, obedient and loyal.

Bernard are strong enough to attack you like wild animals.

But once you give enough care they can be your best companion.

Despite its fearsome reputation, just 19 per cent of Brits thought a Rottweiler had the scariest bark and just 11 per cent were terrified of the sound of an English Bull Terrier.

In contrast to the scariest sound, the study revealed that the Toy Poodle was thought to have the least frightening bark.

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The adult dogs can have a height between 20-23 inches and weigh up to 62.2 kg.Academic research3 amongst burglars highlights that dogs are seen as both a sign of a home being occupied and an effective deterrent when selecting a property to break into.

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