My wife is dating another man

02-Feb-2020 03:31

Do you want to date other women and are using this as a justification? "Just wanted to let you know that I will be a little late getting home tonight," she said. "I told Alan that I would have a drink with him and he asked for tonight so I said yes. That evening as I waited for my wife to arrive home, images of them together came in my mind.

I will get some pizza and there will be some for you when you get home," I said.

I guess he understood my silent inaction for he placed his hand on my wife's ass again and looked directly at me, giving it several seconds to ensure I understood our relative positions. She did not take action to have him remove his hand nor did she object. I could not see her face, and it was only when he said, "OK; let's go" and she turned that I saw that she was blushing furiously and hanging her head.

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She was still intent on saving her honor since she said, "No." However her next "no" became "Noooo ...

She was now softly gasping as their open mouths kissed and their tongues played together.

The inevitable, his mating with my wife, was now just a matter of time.

She appeared a little uncertain and was slightly fidgeting.

Then he simply said, "Turn around." My wife's expression changed to one of someone with her hand in the cookie jar, as though she did something wrong in not anticipating his desire, and then she quickly complied. He got up and went to her and said, "Your seam on your right legs is off." (She was wearing seamed stocking, as Alan ordered.) He then lifted her dress and took hold of her stocking and slid his hand inside her stocking top and made an adjustment.Again, I acted as his inferior and he my superior officer. Alan just stared at her, saying nothing, just taking it all in from her head to her foot and then back again to her magnificent mammaries, seeing for the first time, as he had ordered, more than a little of tit flesh bulging out of her dress.