No drama online dating best dating book

02-Feb-2020 17:13

It seems like those who are the most successful should have the easiest time attracting romantic relationships, but that’s not always the case.

For example, when I was younger, I worked as a massage therapist.

I worked with one client who was a successful business owner, and he would wonder, “I’m a good man.

I’ve worked hard and become successful, and I would treat a woman well.

For example, it’s much more difficult to pull off that presentation if you were up all night fighting or having sex with your partner than if you had been alone, without disturbances and could get a good night’s rest.

Because of this, many successful people either consciously end or unconsciously sabotage any relationship that starts getting too serious because they “can’t handle all of that drama right now and already have too much going on.” But every relationship has some inherent conflict in it, and every relationship requires attention and care.

On the flip side, sometimes it seems like those who haven’t done very much with their lives (or worse, those who take advantage of others), can effortlessly find sexual partners and even long-term relationships.

This is why women sometimes date jerks and books like “Why Men Marry Bitches” have become so popular.

Turns out, having a good “resume” doesn’t mean nearly as much as most people think it does.

During that time, I constantly had the thought, “Of course, men will want to date me.

Who wouldn’t want to date a woman who knows how to give a good massage?

If this sounds familiar, then ask yourself if you are really ready for a relationship right now.

Remember, wanting something and being ready for it is not the same thing.This can even become as extreme as setting the goal to “get” a wife the same way you might get a bigger house to live in or a promotion.

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