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NU-ACCESS and Guggenheim Museum collaborated to investigate the artist's techniques, discovering a key error in a description of one of the materials, ultimately saving the work of art.

Marc Walton discusses the limitations of authenticating works of art using scientific methods and how some forgeries can take advantage of this.

Lindsay Oakley is a Northwestern University graduate student working in the Netherlands this summer as part of a NSF sponsored International Research Experience for Students (IRES) focused on investigating questions in cultural heritage science.

She discusses the science behind aging works of art and how the masterpieces we encounter are not usually identical to how the artist viewed them years ago.

In particular, and by means of a number of case studies, it will highlight the effects of absorption of luminescence emission by coloured compounds and how these effects can be taken into consideration when interpreting luminescence data.

Center for Scientific Studies in the Art's advanced imaging contributions to understanding John Singer Sargent's art at the Art Institute of Chicago highlighted in upcoming npr Science Fridays Live program in Chicago!

In the specific case of the brilliant yellow pigment that takes its colouration from cadmium sulfide (Cd S), a II-VI wide-gap semiconducting compound, the role of structural defects is the subject of a still on-going research that aims to link the history of the material to the reactivity of the pigment surface.Walton and Casadio co-organized "Analyzing Picasso: Scientific Innovation, Instrumentation, and Education" using the scientific investigation of Picasso's works as a lens for demonstrating how art can improve the human condition and spark innovation in science and engineering.At the special event hosted by the Block Museum, archaeologists, art historians, scientists and scholars of the ancient world shared their scientific insights into the Roman history and portraiture related to the exhibition "Paint the Eyes Softer: Mummy Portraits from Roman Egypt." Launched in Spring 2016, Dr.The Center welcomes speaker Matthias Alfeld from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands on August 14th to give a talk on "Evaluating Spectroscopic Imaging Data of Cultural Heritage Objects Acquired on the Macroscopic Scale. (Piet) Iedema on Friday, March 8th for his talk, "Polymer Modeling for Art and Industry." Join us for a lecture and discussion on a multi-physics approach to mathematical modeling of polymer network based paints, as applied to photocuring acrylates (e.g., used in 3D printing [art] objects) and linseed oil-based binding medium in oil paintings.

" He will discuss how macroscopic and microscopic scale investigations of cultural heritage objects, and the novel approaches to exploit local information beyond the isolated pixel level, can obtain more meaningful representations and discuss their practicality. Marcello Picollo, researcher at the Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara” of the National Research Council of Italy, Florence, presenting his talk on "Imaging Spectroscopy: 25 years of experience at IFAC-CNR." This talk will discuss studies and research projects at IFAC-CNR that customize imaging spectroscopic instrumentation and methodologies to the specific needs of art conservation and applications in the museum context. Co-director Marc Walton and affiliate faculty member Oliver Cossairt presented their findings that metal soaps are responsible for the destructive pimple-like protrusions in Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings at the 2019 AAAS annual meeting in Washington DC.

Now, scientists at NU-ACCESS have developed a method to help museums — by examining the very material that make up these works of art.

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