Online dating companies pornographic

15-Oct-2019 15:14

A public consultation has been launched today outlining the government’s preferred approach, which puts responsibility squarely on the shoulders of companies who create and profit from online pornography.Alongside the legal requirement for companies to put in place age verification technology, the government will also establish a new regulatory framework to monitor and enforce compliance, with the ability to impose civil sanctions where breaches are identified.• Proposals will deliver on our manifesto commitment to introduce age verification to “all sites containing pornographic material”.The government has confirmed today that all pornographic websites will require some form of age verification in the future, preventing vulnerable children from accessing potentially damaging material.While there’s an increase in options of apps for the queer community, security remains a concern for users and a challenge for app developers.“My mental health deteriorated when I used Grindr, as I came across homophobes, misogynists and male chauvinists who were abusive [towards] my femininity,” recalls Jeet Dalvi, a 25-year-old content writer from Bangalore, who identifies as a transgender woman.Toxic masculinity arising out of patriarchy and discrimination against effeminate gay men, lesbians and transgender persons are rampant on the apps.

And the government will build on existing measures by tackling these issues further, addressing cyber bullying, sexualised content, self-harm and suicide sites, extremism content, and child sexual abuse online.

• Enable those that support the business model of pornographic content providers (such as payment providers, advertisers and other ancillary services) to withdraw services from commercial providers in breach of the law.