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He asked why I`d chosen Gerry Marsden, out of all the lads in Liverpool.George added, `He`s a flirt, you know.` I replied that he`d been a perfect gentleman with me." George took Pauline to the cinema on their following date, and asked her to make a decision between him and Gerry, as he didn`t intend to let her continue to go out on dates with him while she was his girlfriend, and Gerry had made it obvious that he was going to fight for her attentions and not give in.I knew all the neighbours` lights would be going on and I didn`t want to be the talk of the district.`Tell me your phone number, shout it, I`ll remember it,` he was yelling.And it snowballed from there." She was still really fond of George and was so pleased when George returned from Hamburg and phoned to say he was dying to see her again.She went back to spending time with her boyfriend, and didn`t see Gerry again until she was on her way down the steps to the Cavern where The Beatles were playing a lunchtime session, and gerry was on his way out. The bad news is that it`s your girl.` The conversation didn`t last long.Check out this vice article for more info on keeping it casual.

When her boyfriend and her favourite band were away gigging in Germany, Pauline still wanted to go out and enjoy live music.

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"I thought the Beatles were absoloutely fantastic," Pauline recalls.

As Gerry remembers: "We`d been out a couple of times by then. I returned alone downstairs to the Cavern and went to George. Pauline was furious, but I`ve always believed in dealing with problems head on." Neither George nor Pauline took Gerry`s announcement as the end of their relationship, but it shook them a little, and it was true after all that Pauline had been seeing a lot of Gerry while George was away.

"George rang me that night," Pauline remembers, "and I said I was very sorry.

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