Rachel truehart and michael stagliano still dating

11-Jan-2020 18:20

We are now less that one week away from the grand finale of “Bachelor Pad 3,” and based on what the show’s host in Chris Harrison is saying now, this is not going to be an easy reunion for some of the contestants who we have come to know even better this season.One prime example of this may come as a surprise when you remember how close they were during the actual season: Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart.

But the point of a reunion is to ask such important questions like, "Are Blakeley and Tony still together? Both those couples are still together and are apparently head over heels for each.

The Bachelorette took a three -year hiatus between Then along came the trashier if not entertaining spin-offs, aka Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Pad.

Season 9's Desiree Hartsock and husband Chris Siegfried are having a baby. Chris with fellow Bachelor Pad contestant Sarah Newlon.

Chris Harrison asks how things are with him and Rachel, to which Hatchet Face—who doesn’t appear too hatchet-y these days—insists “she’s not okay”.

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I guess their friendship is back on because I certainly don’t defend my frenemies.

If I wanted to re-cap the season’s best moments, I’d re-read my posts.