Rielle hunter john edwards dating

15-Mar-2020 06:07

"Brat Pack" novelist Jay Mc Inerney said that Hunter, his former girlfriend, is the basis for the lead character Alison Poole in the 1988 novel Story of My Life.Mc Inerney described their relationship and Hunter's role as the inspiration for the character in an interview in 2005.For those of you who don't keep up with politics that closely, or those of you who've forgotten about the high-profile, tawdry scandal that scuttled Edwards' once-promising political future, here's some background: Edwards, now 62, was the Democratic Party's candidate for vice president back in 2004, running with Massachusetts Senator John Kerry against incumbent president George W. The Democrats lost that race, obviously, but Edwards was back in 2008, this time running for president in his own right.

This company, which was based in South Orange, New Jersey, produced campaign promotional videos for John Edwards.

If ANY one of the two of them should have been able to understand the bigger picture, etc, I'm gonna say it should've been Johnny.

With great power comes greater responsibility, and all that.) So, my point for today is this: I think if someone's gonna cheat, he or she is gonna cheat--and a person who is IN A MARRIAGE and cheats is MORE blameworthy and despicable than an unattached person who helps a cheater to cheat.

There was open speculation that Story of My Life was a roman à clef novel when it first appeared; to New York Magazine's questions "Is it real? " Mc Inerney replied, "I'm anticipating some of that kind of speculation, but I'm utterly confident of not having any lawsuits on my hands. On the other hand, it's not to say that I didn't make use of [pause] … Mine is not an autonomous imagination." According to People, during this same period, while she was married to Alexander Hunter, her husband "financed the production of a play for her — a coming-of-age story about a group of tough 30-something New Yorkers [...] titled Savage in Limbo," which co-starred Elizabeth Dennehy.

The Edwards campaign soon hired her to produce a series of promotional videos portraying behind-the-scenes life on the campaign trail and Hunter filmed and produced four of these short videos for the 2008 presidential campaign of John Edwards.But that's another story.) If he doesn't value his marriage, if he's bored or unhappy or looking for a little action on the side, he'll find it think this Hunter chick seems like a bimbo--whereas, perhaps it's worth pointing out, Edwards was an incredibly smart, savvy and successful guy who managed to get into one of the most elite groups in the country: the presidential candidates group.

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