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Some really grainy new photos apparently show them hanging out again — and needless to say, Twihards have feelings about it. — Rebecca Serle (@Rebecca ASerle) June 5, 2018 Wait what. Just a few months later, however, they worked things out.The exes, who broke up in 2013 after one of the most high-profile celebrity cheating scandals, were snapped outside Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood on Friday. Well, for a while — they split for good in 2013." data-reactid="95" Fast-forward to the summer of 2012 when she was photographed kissing Sanders, who was married to model Liberty Ross, and when she publicly admitted to cheating, issuing an apology to Rob.Twihard mania, an umbrella term that encompasses Robsten worship, is a unique brand of crazy that infects innocent readers and turns them into rabid fans of a fictitious love affair between a NONEXISTENT human, Bella (as played by Kristen Stewart) and an even more NONEXISTENT vampire, Edward (the aforementioned Robert Pattinson).As any jaded teen who turned to sex, drugs, and rock and roll after they learned that Santa wasn’t real can tell you, worshipping the idea of a thing that does not actually exist can lead to earth-shattering, game-changing reckonings—or, as we call them today, Twitter scandals.But the hard truth stabbed them all in the hearts over the weekend when Instagram user shia_da posted pictures of RPattz and FKA Twigs holding hands while strolling on the beach in Venice, CA.

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You can find her words on In Style, marie claire and Women's Health.Let’s be clear, this isn’t a Robsten problem—it’s a racism one.I didn’t know the #ROBSTENISUNBROKEN truthers were still a thing until CNN reported this morning that there’s another huge crack in the ozone layer from the high-pitched hot cries of woeful pain that the Robsten fangirls let out when seeing these pictures of Robert Pattinson holding hands with a trick who isn’t Kristen Stewart. #ROBSTENISUNBROKEN will never become #ROBSTENISBROKEN. They will not let themselves believe that Rob is licking another trick’s armpit.They’re doing what Rose should’ve done when she held Jack’s hand in . In 60 years when RPattz and his third wife, Jennifer Lawrence Martin Mayer Pattinson, announce that they’re great-grandparents for the second time, a Robsten fangirl will pull off her oxygen mask while lying on her death bed in the Twihard retirement home to say, “” Here’s more obviously Photoshopped pictures of Son Wigs as well as pictures of FKA Twigs serving up some La Donna from Square Pegs glamour at the Mercury Prize Nomination Ceremony in London on September 10th.

“Twilight Saga” darling Kristen Stewart rocked the Robsten world when she issued a public apology Wednesday for a “momentary indiscretion” with Rupert Sanders, the married director of her recent film “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Stewart, who has been dating her “Twilight” costar Robert Pattinson for years, apparently had a “marathon makeout session” with Sanders, who is married to Liberty Ross.

According to FKA twig’s Twitter, the singer’s social media account has been inundated with racist, offensive comments from a legion of vigilante Robsten fans—because apparently that’s what you get for dating a guy who starred in a popular YA franchise.

I think it's the lack of plausibility, especially toward the end of the tale.… continue reading »

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