Room in exchange for sex

16-Sep-2019 06:24

I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get a place in September 2017, but just in case I don’t, I’ve moved to Vancouver to improve my English.I never knew that it would be so hard to find a place to live in this city—and that potential roommates could be so creepy. I thought I’d be out of the house within a week, but I had to extend it.

And I’ll even give you an allowance every week so that you feel that you’re looked after.

"Seeking gay roommate to share a nice condo in the south west near a metro.

Large 3 and a half in the bottom floor of a triplex. For mutual benefits and to help with boredom." When they contacted one of the people who posted the ad, they were sent photos of the apartment as well as some dick-pics.

A BBC journalist, in an undercover sting, exposed the landlords, after they posted advertisements on Craigslist, seeking sexual favours in exchange for a free place to live.

The men, both from Bristol, offered to waive rent, cover bills and even pay expenses if they could sleep with a tenant half their age as often as once a week.

Shown on BBC , the investigation worked with the charity Safe Lives to expose the shocking way that sex for rent landlords are exploiting female tenants.