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Speaking on behalf of the groups, Pro-Family Perspectives director Angela Conway said: "[Teenage pregnancy] is not something that should be considered the norm, programmes like Neighbours can make the behaviours that lead to teenage pregnancy seem normal and acceptable.A lot of kids just aren't ready to get their head around details of explicit sexuality." Neighbours executive producer Susan Bower was quick to defend her character's storyline stating: "I am quite sure a lot of people are not happy with this storyline.It's not just being Declan at the studio, I get 'Declan' on the street, at restaurants, everywhere.

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All I can say to the Declan supporters is that Erin will be terrific, give him a go, you'll be surprised." Sorensen also felt that it would be strange to see Declan played by Mullally, saying: "Of course it will be strange to see someone playing the part that I started and basically created, it's been my life.We decided we would show the ramifications on the teenagers' lives." Mignon added that the storyline between Declan and Bridget was not shallow, trite, vulgar, further adding she wouldn't have liked to film the storyline if it was and branded it as showing emotional spectrum of pregnancy justice.