Scorpios dating each other

25-Sep-2019 13:09

The Geminis may be judged to be a little superficial and pretentious, and this can lead to complications in their relationship. So, outside the love nest, the scorpio-scorpio relationship demands excess understanding and trust to be successful. Apart from this, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio, and Cancer can also be quite compatible with this sun sign.

If both the partners are emotional, possessive, and passionate, the relationship can be intense as well as ferocious. However, Scorpios should avoid love relationships with Leos, Geminis, Librans, and Aquarians.

According to the horoscopes, Scorpio love match possibilities are listed below.

Like Scorpios, Leos are strong-willed, intense, determined, and proud.

Sometimes, one tends to ignore the emotional needs of the latter. Both of them have different perspectives and attitudes towards life.

What is common between Indira Gandhi, Pablo Picasso, Prince Charles, Billy Graham, Jim Bishop, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Aishwarya Rai, Condoleezza Rice, and Wayne Rooney? They are said to be sensitive and peace-loving until somebody gives them a reason to be revengeful and cunning.

By nature, they are interrogative, suspicious, short-tempered, and possessive.

They are passionate, and do not like to keep any distances with their lover.

Sometimes, the Librans cannot cope with the impulsive mood swings. Geminis take life as it comes, and are not very serious and passionate about anything. These two might get attracted to each other because of their opposite traits, but cannot sustain a long-term relationship.

If so, this article tells about your love compatibility with people of other zodiac signs.

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