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And that makes him more attractive to the opposite sex."I can still do a lot of things, and that makes me feel I have a lot more to offer in a relationship," said Cheng, who works out nearly every day, plays tennis and golf, dives, surfs, swims, runs and bikes."But I'm not afraid to be alone."A relationship "might enhance your life, but you don't need one to be happy," he said.According to a recent AARP survey, 56 percent of single baby boomers those born from 1946 to 1964 are separated or divorced from a spouse. And 70 percent of formerly married singles in their 50s have been single for five years or more."I'm not looking for someone to live with or depend on," said Kepola Mai'i, 51, a divorced federal worker from 'Alewa Heights.Women who become difficult to get along with after the first few dates (28 percent)3.Women who want to get too serious too fast (18 percent)WOMEN1.

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Senior Friend Its slogan is "Dating for people with experience." The site, focused on singles over 40, is part of the Friend Finder Network, which boasts 15 Web communities with more than 20 million registered members.

"I have a house, I have a car, I have friends, I have a career. I just want someone I can call up and go on a date with." After three marriages and four kids, Mai'i had all but ditched dating.

After a radical mastectomy to remove breast cancer about 10 years ago, Mai'i dated a couple of men, then stopped. Dating can be daunting, regardless of a person's age.

wiser now Many single fiftysomethings never expected to be unattached and dating at this time in their lives.

The uncertainty forces them to take risks and try new things.

At 51, she's older, menopausal and fiercely independent."I don't think men are necessarily looking for women who are independent and have an opinion," Maii said. But like Fouts, he doesn't feel an overwhelming need to be in a relationship."One thing about being a certain age is that you get comfortable with yourself," said Cheng, a facility management consultant and part-owner of Maui Sporting Goods who lives in Makiki.