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11-Jan-2020 13:35

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“It’s a small world out there, and we insect people know each other and each other’s museums,” he says.

“This year, probably several dozen national and worldwide experts on certain insect groups have come to examine our holdings.

However, not all residents have such a sunny outlook about this midsize college town.

It can be difficult to see the bright side when one’s date prospects run dry.

Krell, whose specialty is scarab beetles, recalls borrowing some specimens from CSU to study while he wrote a paper.

We’re one of the major players in the region.” Entomology professor Boris Kondratieff inside the specimen repository room where thousands of glass tubes filled with mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies line the shelves at the Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity on the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins.