Transactional replication with updating subscribers best bbw dating site

20-Sep-2019 10:30

Some key points of transactional replication with updatable subscriptions are given bellow: Configuring Distribution At first we need to configure a distributor database which manages the total replication process. Before start we need to learn some prerequisite knowledge about SQL server replication and transactional replication with updatable subscriptions.We can select tables, stored procedures, views, and functions according to our choice. We can’t select tables which does not have a primary key column.If we try to select, it will provides warning message. Step9: Specify the time when Snapshot Agent will run.Step2: New Subscription Wizard window will be open. If we want to use different server, we need to click Add Subscriber and provides the credentials. Specify the domain/machine account under which distribution agent will run.

Based on your requirement, select the desired option and then click on 'Mark for Reinitialization' which will enable you to reinitialize the subscription.

If you wish to reinitialize all subscriptions, you would need to right click on the publication and select 'Reinitialize All Subscriptions' as shown in the screenshot below, which would enable you to reinitialize all your subscriptions.