Updating old tile

21-Jan-2020 20:12

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When we first moved into our home, the fireplace was the original hunter green tile from when the house was built in the 90s.

can be one of the best opportunities to get creative with your kitchen design.

It’s a chance to play with a variety of colors, textures, and patterns that may come off as overwhelming when incorporated into other elements of the room. Here’s the catch: just because it isn’t a seemingly vital piece of your kitchen doesn’t mean it’s an easy swap.

Whether you go for more contemporary or more country, remember that both as still in the kitchen.

So consider staining the wood to protect it from eventual cooking wear and tear.

But if your dream backsplash consists a truly unique and aged look, you can create a one-of-a-kind design from reclaimed wood pieces.Updating something as simple as your kitchen backsplash can greatly alter the overall appearance of your kitchen.Before you reach for the chisel, consider these backsplash ideas that don’t require demo.When it comes to modern spaces, open any home design magazine and you’ll see many of the same materials: cool metals, smooth stone, and reflective glass.

This makes the shine of a mirrored backsplash an easy choice for those looking to achieve a sleek design. Mirrored tiles are often sold in adhesive sheets that can be easily applied over an existing textured design.All you need for this remodel is a wood of your choice and liquid nails to help adhere the new planks over your existing material.