Updating uboot

14-Feb-2020 23:51

And I copy u-boot.nitrogen6s and 6x_upgrade script to boot partition.

I also define 'uboot_defconfig': run upgradeu mmc0 is current device reading /6x_upgrade 1559 bytes read ## Executing script at 10008000 Please set uboot_defconfig to the appropriate value Loading file "/6x_upgrade" from mmc device 0:1 (xxa1) Failed to mount ext2 filesystem...

It looks like downloading is easy using TFTP or serial (Kermit, etc), but uploading it to the host PC for backup isn't obvious.

I update the 'upgradeu' command to take the script 6x_upgrade into account in place of 6q_upgrade.

A fully featured version of U-Boot can be over 400KB, hence it is not possible to load this immediately.

For this reason, a cut down version of U-Boot called U-Boot SPL (Second Program Loader) is loaded first, and once it has initialised the CPU, it chain loads a fully featured version of U-Boot (u-boot.img).

ATTENTION: Updating the bootloader is supported starting from the Edge OS v1.10.6 release.And in such case, it will need an advanced lengthy process to recover it – if possible!Anyway, I took the decision to proceed with the update, which went very smooth using the installation script on Jef Doozan web site.First, I logged to the pogoplug using ssh, downloaded the installation script from Jeff web site, and changed permissions to make it executable.

-bash-3.2# cd /tmp -bash-3.2# -bash-3.2# -bash-3.2# wget to jeff.( install_uboot_mtd0.s 100% |***********************************************************************| 17281 --:--:-- ETA -bash-3.2# chmod x ./install_uboot_mtd0.sh!!!!!! If you lose power to your device while running this script, it could be left in an unusable state. Connecting to jeff.( fw_env.config.md5 100% |***********************************************************************| 48 --:--:-- ETA Connecting to jeff.( fw_env.config 100% |***********************************************************************| 329 --:--:-- ETA # Successfully installed /etc/fw_env.config.# Validating existing u Boot...# Installing u Boot environment Connecting to jeff.( uboot.100% |***********************************************************************| 52 --:--:-- ETA Connecting to jeff.( uboot.environment 100% |***********************************************************************| 128k ETA Erase Total 1 Units Performing Flash Erase of length 131072 at offset 0xc0000 done Writing data to block 6 at offset 0xc0000 # Verifying u Boot environment Block size 131072, page size 2048, OOB size 64 Dumping data starting at 0x000c0000 and ending at 0x000e0000...